FAU LMQ Talk: Scientific Applications of Quantum Annealer Hardware

We are happy to announce our first FAU LMQ talk this Thursday, 16.05., 14:00-15:00 at the Physikum in HF, entitled „Scientific Applications of Quantum Annealer Hardware“

The talk will be hold by Alejandro Lopez-Bezanilla from the Los Alamos National Lab and is open to everyone. The talk is given in hybrid form, so you can both join live or virtual via zoom:

  • Live at the Physikum in HF, Staudtstraße 5, Erlangen.
  • Virtual, via Zoom: Meeting-ID: 643 9262 8072, Code: 590693


Quantum Annealer (QA) hardware is setting a revolution in quantum computing but also in the way magnetism is studied. The qubit platform provided by D-Wave Quantum serves as a specialized qubit-based computer, leveraging superposition and entanglement to determine ground and excited states of Ising-type systems. Magnetic lattices find in QAs an inherent hardware solution to explore their configuration landscape with quantum fluctuations. In my presentation, I will showcase a series of studies unveiling the scientific competitive edge of this quantum technology. By pinning individual magnetic moments, we demonstrate Gauss’ law for emergent magnetic monopoles in two dimensions, along with purely entropic monopole-monopole screening interactions. Experiments on a frustrated kagome qubit lattice allow for the observation of quasi-particles resulting from consecutive annealing cycles. Additionally, order-by-disorder-related phenomena are observed in a frustrated quantum system, where an effective temperature increase paradoxically enhances spatial correlations between qubit magnetic moments. Finally, I will present a material prototyping study demonstrating multiple spin textures in a geometry-fixed Penrose tiling when coupled to a modulating magnetic field.