The PHYsics DIversity NEtwork (PHYDINE) aims to highlight, discuss, inform and raise awareness of various aspects of diversity at the Department of Physics at FAU and together with MPL across structures and open to all members by building a network. PHYDINE aims to do so by organizing regular round tables during the semester, distributing and adverting diversity measures at FAU, and establishing a network across all areas and members.

In 2022 the network organised the conference DIPHER22 together with the Department of Physics and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, as the first conference at FAU on diversity and gender in physics. Around 80 people joined over the three days to listen various specialist contributions and lectures. See the corresponding press release for more information.In 2023 the organizers of DIPHER22 won the prestigious Renate Wittern-Sterzel price of FAU. At the moment the next conference DIPHER24 is in preparation.


For more information visit the PHYDINE website and the PHYDINE instagram channel. For all FAU members you can also join the StudOn group to stay updated on upcoming events and for additional material.