FAU student Titus Bornträger wins international theoretical physics competition PLANCKS 2024

In 2024, PLANCKS was organized in its 11th edition by the University of Dublin and the Institute of Physics. 49 teams from 25 countries qualified for the final round in national preliminary rounds. In this highly competitive environment, FAU student Titus Bornträger and his team consisting of Finnley Paolella (University of Bonn), Theo Lequy (ETH Zurich) and Elias Hohl (ETH Zurich) came out on top. The Profile Center congratulates him warmly!

The second-placed team came from Italy and third place also went to Germany with Max Schneider (LMU), Lucas Kersten (LMU), Jonathan Gräfe (LMU) and Erik Sünderhauf (TU Munich).

Picture: PLANCKS 2024 winning team: Finnley Paolella (University of Bonn, left), Titus Bornträger (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, center), Theo Lequy (ETH Zurich, right), Elias Hohl (ETH Zurich, not in the picture) (Picture: FAU/Timo Eckstein)